Our approach

Immobilization Engineering™ unlocks the power of cell-free biomanufacturing

Our approach enables stable, long-lasting enzyme activity and performance through custom enzyme-bead compatibility screening.

Our team of scientists work from 1mL to 10L scale in-house. We partner with our customers and toll manufacturers to implement full scale production and product commercialization.

  • Benefit #1

    Continuously improving the biocatalyst

    Immobilization Engineering™ ensures enzyme performance improvements from one step are not lost (but rather compounded) in the next.

  • Benefit #2

    Predictable budget

    With Immobilization Engineering™ comes a predictable budget and scope, which makes for a faster path to commercial viability.

  • Benefit #3

    Industrially relevant performance

    After Immobilization Engineering™, we can assess biocatalyst performance in realistic flow reactor tests at scales of up to 1L.