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FabricNano sits at the intersection of DNA nanotechnology and biotechnology. We design artificial cells optimized for chemical reaction speed, purity, and adaptability. Our artificial cells have two main components:
1. DNA structures (resembling fabric)
2. Cellular enzymes co-located on the fabric

Show Unstable Fabric
(T=100C   pH=7)

Show Stable Fabric
(T=60C   pH=7)

Artificial Cell 1
Artificial Cell 2


Our algorithm generates the artifical cell design and construction schematic.

Industrial clients substitute these artificial cells into their existing workflow to eliminate production capacity bottlenecks and reduce costs.

Our artificial cells can produce small quantities of new target molecules at low unit cost. We simply modify our co-located enzyme components.

With data driven feedback, our algorithms are already getting better at designing artifical cells.

Meet the team


Grant Aarons
CEO [cofounder]

Having entered the UK in 2016 to pursue an Economics PhD at London Business School, Grant has led student lectures in microeconomics, markets, and advanced econometrics. Prior to his move to the UK, Grant studied engineering at Cooper Union and has mathematical modeling experience from an earlier career at the Federal Reserve (his work mentioned in the media by the FT & Bloomberg).


Ferdinando Randisi
CTO [cofounder]

During his Computational Biophysics PhD at Oxford University, Ferdinando (Ferdy) co-authored the open-source DNA simulation engine known as oxDNA, recognised throughout the DNA biophysics and nanotechnology community for its reliability and versatility in DNA nanostructure analysis. He spent most of the past few years developing models to study how small local changes can improve the global stability of DNA structures.


Nick McCooke
Industry Advisor

former CEO Solexa


Michael Butler
Industry Advisor

former R&D Director Unilever

Nick McCooke

Nicholas Turner
Academic Advisor

Professor of Chemical Biology


Robert Oppenheimer
Head of R&D