Join us. Let’s shape a sustainable future together.

Our values

  • Always choose candour

    We’re always exploring the new. So we keep our culture open to learning through experimentation and feedback. Because there’s always good in mistakes.

  • Naturally curious

    Be curious about each other’s work

    Together, we carry a cumulative century of experience in different disciplines. We go deep where others stay on the surface. Sharing all unexpected finds along the way.

  • Busy doesn’t count; results do

    Great work speaks for itself. We’re here to help you do whatever you need to get there – optimising your output over presenteeism.

  • Thriving

    If you aren’t thriving, your work isn’t thriving

    Great work requires a healthy body and mind. We’re here to provide you with what you need to thrive.

  • Business

    This is your business

    We share our board deck with the whole team after each board meeting, and encourage them to make every decision as if they’re the one reporting to our board and their name is on the bottom line.

Our stance on sustainability

  • Where we are

    Companies today assume that making any process greener is inherently more expensive and less efficient, so biomanufacturing is never their first port of call.

  • Where we want to be

    Every company understands that we are in what has been called the ‘biological century’, and they consider and explore bio-based pathways first before opting for traditional methods across the industrial ecosystem.

Working for FabricNano

We won’t soft sell you with free coffee. We’ll give you paid parental leave; mental health support via Oliva; a £100 a year development stipend to help you learn anything you want, unrelated to your work; a cycle to work scheme; a seasonal train loan scheme, pensions and a whole lot more. And every Wednesday, we eat bagels for breakfast.

  • 01

    Parental leave

    Sixteen weeks of full pay for primary caregivers, eight weeks of full pay for secondary caregivers and shared parental leave. Plus, we let your equity vest for six months & make sure you get ‘keeping in touch’ e-mails while you’re out to read whenever suits so you still feel like part of the team.

  • 02

    Mental health support

    We firmly believe that therapy can help everyone, and understand that a challenging job can introduce stresses to your life. Everyone in the company can access free one-off or recurring therapy through Oliva; totally anonymous, totally to your discretion.

  • 03

    Learning & development

    We give you £100 a year to spend on learning something completely unrelated to your job – recent uses include tennis lessons and a salsa class! But our Lab Operations Manager is a semi-pro skydiver, so she uses hers for wind tunnel training.

  • 04

    Cycle to work scheme

    You can choose pretty much any bike, but in our office Bromptons seem to be the favorite.

  • 05

    Train loan scheme

    Using public transit is at the heart of a sustainable future. We’re nestled between Euston and Paddington, with King’s Cross not far off. There are 5 different tube stations within a 10 minute walk of the office.

  • 06

    Bagel Wednesdays

    Every Wednesday morning our CEO orders bagels for the team and has breakfast with you. He has given his official New Yorker seal of approval to these bagels, so you know they’re tasty.

In our work, we’re launching the next industrial revolution. As a business, we’re building a company where everyone belongs.

Join our dedicated team of visionaries by applying to one of our openings.

If you have a medical condition or an individual need for an adjustment to our process, and you believe this may affect your ability to be at your best, please let us know so we can talk about how we can best support you and make any adjustments that may be needed.

You’re in good company