News | 06.03.2024

Ginkgo Bioworks partners with FabricNano to unleash Immobilization Engineering™ for a wide range of enzyme discovery projects

Ginkgo Bioworks partners with FabricNano

Ginkgo Bioworks partners with FabricNano

FabricNano has been rapidly evolving our platform technology, Immobilization Engineering™, to make enzymes work in industrial process conditions.

Too often, immobilization gets overlooked in the early stages of research, when its techno-economic benefits can truly outweigh traditional active-site protein engineering. Well—not any longer. 

With this partnership, FabricNano is committed to offering our Predictive Immobilization (PI) plates to assist new and existing Ginkgo customers to build process decisions into the earliest stages of enzyme discovery research. The PI plates are the first statistically-guided approach to immobilization where the relevant factor space is spanned in a simple 96-deep well plate. In a single PI plate, the benefit of 1,000,000 combinatorial immobilization options are collapsed to a set of 96 experiments, all pre-prepared in deep well plate format to help speed up research in the lab.

In addition to our PI plates, FabricNano is also opening up our Interaction Engineering (IE) services to Ginkgo customers that may have already moved months-to-years into enzyme biocatalysis research with limited success in industrial process conditions. This in silico offering is the first-and-only AI guided rational mutagenesis strategy for enzyme surface residues interacting with immobilization carriers. Specifically, FabricNano has taken the concept of sequence-to-function for active site mutagenesis and applied the same principles to sequence-to-immobilization performance. This mutagenesis strategy wouldn’t be available if the team at FabricNano hadn’t built the first dedicated immobilization screening rig on a high-throughput liquid handling robot. Or, if we hadn’t already studied thousands upon thousands of enzyme homologies and enzyme surface mutations in the presence of varying immobilization carriers.

Bringing highly specialized proprietary datasets and AI-guided models, FabricNano and Ginkgo are partnering to develop economically viable biocatalysts for our customers in record time. 

We are confident that this partnership with Ginkgo brings together the deep expertise needed to deliver on the hardest problems in biocatalysis, namely metagenomic libraries for enzyme discovery (Ginkgo), strain development (Ginkgo), enzyme immobilization (FabricNano), as well as enzyme active-site engineering. Bringing highly specialized proprietary datasets and AI-guided models, FabricNano and Ginkgo are partnering to develop economically viable biocatalysts for our customers in record time. 

I’m proud to introduce our role as a member of the largest and most powerful industrial biotech ecosystem: the Gingko Bioworks Technology Network. This new group of 25 partners across AI, protein design, and bio-based chemical manufacturing forms an incredibly powerful consortium: one that is committed to stepping up the research and development offering to companies serious their 2030 and 2050 commitments to a more sustainable future. 

Ginkgo Bioworks is a beacon of inspiration in industrial biotech: founded in 2008, it has defined itself as a company dedicated to gathering the smartest, most radical and diverse technologies beneath its roof with the aim of illuminating the potential of biology to change the world we know. In a statement outlining the launch, Ginkgo’s co-founder Jason Kelly stated: ‘Our customers are creating groundbreaking — and in many cases lifesaving products — and they deserve the best tools available to drive success in those programs.’ You can read the full release here

FabricNano believes passionately in a sustainable future powered by enzymes. Biocatalysis is the next revolution. The one that will outpace the chemical industry as we race towards 2030 and 2050. The customers already accessing FabricNano Immobilization Engineering™ are leaders in their respective spaces. In the Ginkgo Technology Network,  FabricNano is the sole partner specializing in enzyme immobilization, and we have been identified as the company offering the preferred approach for scalable and performant enzyme immobilized biocatalysis.


Grant Aarons

CEO, Founder

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