Our story

We create the biocatalysts the world needs today to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Developing an entirely new approach to cell-free biomanufacturing
Cleaner, more sustainable way of manufacturing

We started FabricNano to provide a cleaner, more sustainable way of manufacturing the chemicals and materials that we all depend upon. Developing a generalisable drop-in biocatalyst that can immobilize enzymes. We are trailblazing a new approach to cell-free biomanufacturing, which can help save the planet.

We’re changing the future

  • Our Mission

    To make enzymes work for people and planet.

  • Our Vision

    A sustainable future, powered by enzymes.

Our lab

Bright and spacious, we designed our expansive London HQ with some room to breathe. Industry-leading analytical equipment, microbiology kits and numerous reactor rigs fill our lab on the top floor of our central London building.

4th Floor,
184-192 Drummond Street
London NW1 3HP

We’re building a company where everyone belongs. Whatever your background. Whatever your perspective. Removing any barriers that prevent the pursuit of great ideas.

We’re working to achieve a sustainable future, and our ESG policy reflects that
We hate greenwashing. When we say we’re building solutions that are better for the planet, we mean it.

You’re in good company