Products under development

The power of cell-free biomanufacturing unlocked.

Our products enable cell-free biomanufacturing from small scale testing to industrial production. Designed to be used with continuous flow and from upstream waste feedstocks.

Our team of scientists do small scale work in-house and we partner with our customers or toll manufacturers for full scale testing

  • Protein Engineering

    Panel immobilization

    Proprietary enzymes are losing their competitive edge. Clients in all chemical manufacturing spaces (particularly pharmaceuticals) want to run enzyme-based catalysis in continuous reactor environments. The first few protein engineering companies to offer a full range of products pre-immobilized will win the most new business this upcoming decade.


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  • Pharmaceuticals

    Specialty and pharmaceutical chemicals

    We’re pioneering the use of a generalized support system to immobilize multiple enzymes quickly for rapid pharmaceutical prototyping. Using a system with all enzymes retained in the flow reactor so that more target pharmaceutical compound can be made at the mid-scale/bench and monitored inline for enhanced quality control. 

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  • Commodities

    Bio-based commodity chemicals

    We’re making commodity chemicals cleaner and more sustainable. With 100% conversion of waste feedstocks – our COGS are lower than with microbes, with rapid and reliable scalability. We offer higher loading of enzymes onto our beads, providing for a much more active catalyst and a more productive reactor volume.

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