A sustainable future,
powered by enzymes

Problem: Too much uncertainty with microbial factories

The CleanTech revolution was over before it began

In the early 2000s, dozens of startups spent billions trying to engineer live microbial factories to produce bio-based and sustainable chemicals for the mass market. The microbial factories are inefficient, slow and unpredictable to scale, but the enzyme machinery inside is efficient, fast and scalable.

Solution: The machinery inside the microbe

Enzymes are the fundamental machinery of biology

Cell-free biocatalyst systems built from simplified enzyme machinery can run at 100% carbon efficiency and can be reliably scaled up. Cell-free biocatalysts accept waste streams, which microbial factories will always struggle to do across geography and waste source. Cell-free biocatalysts are a truly global solution to sustainable chemistry.

Why enzymes, why now?

Enzyme machinery has become exponentially more powerful

In only the last decade, enzymes have been rationally engineered with supernatural functionality. FabricNano has worked across the enzyme engineering industry to source the best enzymes available for client-driven chemical production targets.

What is an industrial biocatalyst?

Enzymes bound to solid supports

Easy to construct and scale, but extremely hard to predict on the performance side. FabricNano takes an industry-first approach to high-throughput and data-driven enzyme immobilization. That workflow and platform are what we call Immobilization Engineering™. We build a truly technoeconomically viable biocatalyst for industrial use.

What does it look like?

A generalisable drop-in biocatalyst for all industries

Describing a ‘magic powder’ might sound wide-eyed, and science fiction, but it's exactly what the freeze dried enzymes look like when immobilized on a solid support.

Is it easy to use?

Integrates into existing infrastructure with ease

FabricNano develops biocatalysts to integrate with pre-existing industry equipment and know-how (such as packed-bed or continuous stirred tank reactors). Our biocatalysts are built to scale quickly and make a profound sustainable impact on the material world. We can already manufacture biocatalysts at metric ton scale.

Products under development

We collaborate with disruptive brands and corporates that are ready for innovation in sustainable material production and sourcing.

We’re looking to work with forward thinkers to help us shape a cell-free future.